• I want to invest in ETFs
    In the Middle East ETF investing is fairly straightforward, you just need to set up an account with an investment platform like Internaxx and then choose which ETF to buy. The best low cost index funds are usually Blackrock or Vanguard. If you don't have time to research yourself and need help building an investment portfolio, there are a number of wealth management companies in Dubai that can do it for you - just keep an eye on their fees! Hope this helps :)
  • What is the best investment in the UAE for expats?
    You can set up an investment account with saxo bank or internaxx and invest in ETFs yourself or you could sit with a qualified financial advisor and ask specifically for low cost ETFs and tracker funds but whatever you do, don't sign up to any long-term contractual 'savings plan'!
  • How to write a will in Dubai?
    Best to speak to a law firm who provide a will writing service in Dubai. There are lots of companies here posing to be legal professionals but in fact are not
  • Best ways to save in Dubai
    How do you know what a 'good ETF' is? I'm sure there will be good savings accounts offered by some banks here
  • Life insurance advice in Dubai
    As far as I am aware, you can't buy life insurance online in Dubai so you'll have to deal with an insurance broker. Even if you go direct to an insurance company in the UAE they will refer you onto a broker. I have found the life insurance calculator on Life Happens really useful - hope this helps :D
  • Fun things to do in Dubai on a budget
    • Beach day
    • Dune bashing in the desert
    • Bike ride
    • Safa park, park creek etc.

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